Derrick Phua April 2020.jpg

       Derrick has been working for over 30 years, assuming roles and responsibilities in operations, management, consulting and lecturing. After his local tertiary education in engineering and management studies, he went on to graduate with his first degree in business administration.  As a believer in lifelong learning, he advanced his studies to attain a Master of Business (2002) from RMIT universtiy. He subsequently earned his degree in Psychology from Murdoch University and a Master in Counselling from Monash University (2008).    


       After graduating from Monash University, he volunteered at Teen Challenge Rehabilitation Centre for 4 years, attending to the counselling needs of the residents undergoing their rehabilitation for various addictions. Thereafter, he was a volunteer counsellor at Focus On The Family Singapore. In his practice, Derrick applies principles of person-centred therapy and adopts an eclectic approach using techniques of Motivational Interviewing, Emotion-focused Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy where appropriate, to facilitate positive change in his clients. He helps them cope with issues of anxiety, mood or personality and facilitates their learning of skill sets in communication, relationship reconciliation, decision-making, education & career guidance (ECG).


       At private and tertiary institutes, Derrick has been providing training in areas of operations management, career counselling, organizational behaviour and health psychology. A believer in healthy living, Derrick jogs and swims regularly. He is married to his best friend, and they are proud parents of their two grown-up sons.